We carry a wide variety of new casters at used prices. The casters displayed  
below are just a sample of our extensive inventory. Capacities and diameters
vary with each type.  
Threaded stem Casters
Polyurethane over Steel
A quiet, easy roll. It handles heavy
loads and is floor protective. A zerk
fitting in the hub allows for easy
lubrication. Available in rigid and swivel
models, wheel diameters 4” – 8”
Molded on to a strong semi-steel core,
bonding them together for long lasting
performance under rugged conditions. The
wheels have a 1 3/16” bore, with roller
bearing, spanner bushing, and axle for a
smooth easy roll. There is a zerk fitting in
the hub to allow simple access for
lubrication. Available in rigid and swivel
models, wheel diameters 4” – 8”
A solid, one piece wheel molded of a blend of modern resistance, and has a
heavy load capacity. This is a good, tough wheel for both indoors and out. Available in
rigid, swivel, and locking swivel models.
Stem Type Casters
Mold-on Rubber over Steel
A highly heat resistant caster.
wheel diameters 4” – 8”
Stem Casters (Great for Wire Shelving Units!)
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Polyolefin (Hard Plastic) Casters
Steel and Covered Steel Casters
These are just a sample of the
hundreds of casters we have
available.  Please contact us today
with your specific requirements.
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based on capacity, intended use,
and of course our low prices
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