Bulk or Wide Span Rack / Shelving

  • New and Used
  • Lighter capacity than pallet rack and  intended for hand loading only
  • Boltless and Easy to Assemble
  • Can be loaded/unloaded from either side
  • Makes a great archive storage rack

Industrial Steel Shelving

  • New and Used
  • Single units or bolted together for a row of shelving
  • Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Bolt-Up or Clip-Up for easy installation and adjusting shelves
  • Closed or Open (with or without side and back panels)
  • Shelf size and heights vary

Combination Wood / Steel Shelving

  • New and Used
  • Used widely by retailers for back-room storage
  • Popular for garages!
  • Add-on units available for a row of shelving

Wire Shelving

  • New and Used
  • Chrome and Epoxy
  • Popular in the restaurant and food industry
  • Cleaner – dust free!
  • Easy to add casters for mobility
  • Green epoxy coated available for rust-proof wash-down applications
  • Add-on units available for a row of shelving

Looking for a Shelving System?
We design used and new systems with any of the types of shelving shown above.  Our expert installers can put your system up today!

Need Customized Shelving?
We can design and build – and install – shelving for your specific needs.

Bulk Storage

Archive Storage

Mobile Bin Storage

Home/Garage Storage

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