Specialty Rack

New & Used Specialty Rack You may be like many of our clients and need racks for special applications.Industry Mart stocks specialty racks AND we also fabricate custom racks to meet your unique needs. Some racks easily disassemble for storage when not in use and all are great for storage of bulky or odd items. Racks include deep racks (for lumber, carpet, etc.), M-Bar racks for vertical storage, and archive storage racks. Listed below are some common specialty racks that are popular among our buyers. No matter what you need to store so it's easy to use in the future, we can make it happen for you! Contact us for a quote on your specific specialty rack needs. Stacking Rack Stacking Rack - Removable Posts Questions? Need a Quote? – Call Right Now at (888) 354-9094 Request a Quote

Store Fixtures + Slatwall Gridwall

Store Fixtures - New and Used Store fixtures, store counters, display tables, and display racks, gondola shelving and gridwall & slatwall. There is nothing you need that you cant find right here at Industry Mart. We stock and deliver new fixtures, anything you need. For those looking for more affordable options, while still buying great looking fixtures, we also stock used fixtures, counters, racks, shelving, and girdwall and slatwall. Everything you need, even accessories, are here and ready to be delivered... Or come in and view our selection today. We're conveniently located in Algood, TN between Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. Slatwall Display Gridwall Display Store Fixture Aisle - Gondola Shelving Gridwall Display Display Cases & Counters Clothes Racks Display Tables Slatwall Slatwall: Do you want to upgrade your your products? Slatwall is the perfect product. We stock six different colors of slwatwall panels in various sizes. Come take a look … Read More

Office Furniture

We also own a sister company - Office Mart - that specializes in providing the best quality office furniture and supplies to our customers. At its home location at 215 South Jefferson St in Cookeville, Office Mart stocks a huge inventory of new office furniture and supplies. You can get a feel for exactly what you're looking for at Office Mart's furniture galleries. Additionally, Office Mart stocks one of the largest selections of used office furniture in Tennessee at its Algood location - co-located with Industry Mart. We have thousands of pieces of furniture in good to excellent condition. Perfect for those instances when brand new is not necessary. Used Office Furniture Meeting and Conference Tables Desks Bookcases Lateral File Cabinets Office Chairs Stack Chairs File Cabinets Questions? Need a Quote? – Call Right Now at (888) 354-9094 Request a Quote New Office Furniture New & Used Office furniture & supplies … Read More

Miscellaneous Equipment

New – Used – Reconditioned We simply don’t have the space to list all the products we carry, but here are some of our more popular miscellaneous items. However, just because you don’t see it here or anywhere else on our website, does not meet we don’t have it or can’t locate it for you. If we don’t have the item you want USED, we will give you our best possible new price or try to locate a used item for you through our national dealer network. Call us today for your specific storage and industrial needs. Industry Mart, “Where Industry Shops.” Counter Cabinets and Bin Units We stock or can order just about any industrial or shop product you need. Call us now with your requirements, and if we don’t have what you need we will order it for you or locate it through our national dealer network. See … Read More

Modular Offices

Modular Offices, Buildings, Partitions - NEW and USED Quality Building Systems at the Lowest Price in the Industry. Our National Partitions line offers a full-range of single floor in-plant modular offices, two-story modular structures, vision towers, and multiple other modular office structures with clearspans to 40’ wide. They all can meet any requirement for soundproofing, 2-hour fire rating, and thermal insulation. Ask us about delivery and installation. In-plant offices A full 3” thick gypsum system at the Lowest price in the Industry. Offices are designed for fast, on-sight assembly. All models and sizes available with Wire-pak snap-together 6-wire electrical system. Questions? Need a Quote? – Call Right Now at (888) 354-9094 Request a Quote Two-Story System Our modular 2-story building system allows maximum use of limited floor space. Excellent for supervisory offices with a clear view of plant work areas Vision Tower Clear wide spans to 24’ allow open space below … Read More

Flow Rack, Push Back, And Drive-In / Thru

Flow Rack Whether you need to handpick items for distribution or you use fork trucks to gather orders, we have you covered. You will find that we have new and used carton flow racks and the equipment needed to convert pallet racking into flow racks. Need push-back, drive-in, or drive-thru rack? You're in the right place. Industry Mart is a leader in designing and converting your distribution center with racking that makes any warehouse flow with ease. Learn more about sizes, dimensions, capabilities, and accessories. Click one of our manufacturer’s brochures below: Engineered Products  UNEX UNEX Questions? Need a Quote? - Call Right Now at (888) 354-9094 Request a Quote Carton Flow Rack: Hand pick items from open cartons or pick full cartons Increases order pickers efficiency and accuracy Rack is loaded from one end and unloaded on the other. Many sizes and configurations available! We Can Convert Your Existing Pallet Rack to Carton Flow! … Read More


New – Used – Reconditioned Conveyors No matter your conveyor needs Industry Mart has what you are looking for. Skatewheel conveyor, gravity roller conveyor, accordion conveyors, belt and power driven conveyors, flat top, incline conveyors, as well as telescoping conveyors. We have new and used conveyors. Some always in stock and others only a couple of days away. Either way… you can be confident knowing you will find what you are looking for here at Industry Mart. Contact us for inventory or help laying out a conveyor system that will work well for your specific application. Skatewheel Conveyor Transport boxes, cartons, packages, efficiently, and speedily Perfect for unloading trucks, assembly line work, or moving material from one point to another. Available in straight or curved sections (45 – 90 degrees) Gravity Roller Conveyor Designed for efficient transfer of heavy cartons, boxes, tote pans, packages, cases, etc. We stock and sell a … Read More

Parts Bins & Containers

When you’re looking for parts bins and storage containers, look no further! Here you’ll find: Plastic Stack, Shelf and Hang Bins, Plastic Bulk Collapsible Containers, Wire Baskets and Containers, and Bulk and Gravity Containers. We may not show the bins or containers you need on this page, but we stock or can acquire any (and as many) bins or containers you desire! Contact us today with your specific storage needs for our latest inventory and prices! Plastic Bulk Collapsible Containers Plastic Bulk Collapsible Containers: Stackable, collapsible, and require little storage space when empty Easy to clean (A favorite of the automotive industry) Come with drop gates for easy access Wire Baskets and Containers Stackable Drop gates Great for bulky or odd sized products Collapsible baskets make for easy storage Rigid baskets, are, well... rigid and strong Plastic Stack, Shelf, and Hang Bins We are a distributor for a wide variety … Read More

Rolling Ladders, Carts, Moving & Lifting Equip.

Rolling Ladders Used and New Rolling Ladders New Ladders:How many steps do you need? We stock new ladders in different brands, heights, and number of steps to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss requirements! New AGF Heavy-Duty Rolling Ladders! Safe, Sturdy, and Ultra-Maneuverable. AGF Heavy Duty Rolling Ladders Used Ladders: We also stock used ladders. Call for a great price and availability 6 Step Rolling Ladder Carts Our USED and NEW cart inventory is simply too big to list. Here are just a few of our more popular carts. Two and Three Shelf Service Carts 500 to 2000 lb capacities Sizes from 16" x 30" up to 24" x 48" Heavy Duty, All Welded, Two Shelf Service Cart Heavy Duty Three Shelf Service Cart Structural Foam Service Cart Bolt-Up Two Shelf Service Cart Bolt-Up Two Shelf Service Cart Bolt-Up Two Shelf Service Cart Wire Shelf Carts Many sizes and … Read More


A great high quality toolbox that works with ease is essential to the man (or woman!) who has the tools. Whether you're a weekend warrior, maintenance guru, or shop owner with tool storage needs... We have a tool box perfect for your specific application. Not only can we get new toolboxes in hundreds of configurations, but we stock quality used toolboxes that work as good as new. Whether your buying your first toolbox or upgrading to a newer nicer version, Industry Mart has what you need at incredibly low prices. Contact us now to order the box you desire or to ask about our current used inventory. New & Used Tool Boxes Used-3 dr. top box$39 Used Hand Carry$10 Heavy 41$899 2 Piece Starting at$199 48 Stainless Maple Top$599