New – Used – Reconditioned Conveyors

No matter your conveyor needs Industry Mart has what you are looking for. Skatewheel conveyor, gravity roller conveyor, accordion conveyors, belt and power driven conveyors, flat top, incline conveyors, as well as telescoping conveyors.

We have new and used conveyors. Some always in stock and others only a couple of days away. Either way… you can be confident knowing you will find what you are looking for here at Industry Mart.

Contact us for inventory or help laying out a conveyor system that will work well for your specific application.

Skatewheel Conveyor

  • Transport boxes, cartons, packages, efficiently, and speedily
  • Perfect for unloading trucks, assembly line work, or moving material from one point to another.
  • Available in straight or curved sections (45 – 90 degrees)

Gravity Roller Conveyor

  • Designed for efficient transfer of heavy cartons, boxes, tote pans, packages, cases, etc.
  • We stock and sell a variety of capacities with roller diameters from
    ¾” to 2 ½”

Accordion Conveyor

  • Portable, Expandable, and Extremely Flexible
  • 12” – 30” wide – lengths vary
  • Available in both roller and skatewheel
Accordion Skatewheel
Accordion Roller

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Power / Belt Conveyors

  • Available from 4’ long.
  • Widths, speeds, and voltage vary.

Power Roller conveyor

  • Belt Driven- great for straight line accumulating or transporting
  • Chain Driven- Heavy Duty – up to 60” wide for pallet handling

Flat Top Chain Conveyor

  • Perfect for handling cylindrical parts and turning curves!
  • Available in plastic, mild steel or stainless steel chain 2 ½” –12” w
  • Only Available New!

Incline Conveyors

  • Floor to floor Incline belt
  • Widths and heights vary- Call for availability

Telescoping Conveyors

  • Available in Roller or Skatewheel
  • Call for Availability and Pricing

We always have gravity conveyor in stock. Power conveyor has many variables. If we don’t have an item, we can usually locate it.