Flow Rack, Push Back, And Drive-In / Thru

Flow Rack

Whether you need to handpick items for distribution or you use fork trucks to gather orders, we have you covered.

You will find that we have new and used carton flow racks and the equipment needed to convert pallet racking into flow racks. Need push-back, drive-in, or drive-thru rack? You’re in the right place.

Industry Mart is a leader in designing and converting your distribution center with racking that makes any warehouse flow with ease.

Pallet Flow Rack

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Carton Flow Rack:

  • Hand pick items from open cartons or pick full cartons
  • Increases order pickers efficiency and accuracy
  • Rack is loaded from one end and unloaded on the other.
  • Many sizes and configurations available!

We Can Convert Your Existing Pallet Rack to Carton Flow!

  • Use our Span-Track product in your pallet rack for better flow!
  • Add to any pallet rack – “nests” between beams
  • Uses standard Span-Track hangers
  • Shelfless installation

Pallet Flow Rack:

  • – Pallet Flow Rack is gravity driven. Skatewheels or rollers on sloped shelves allow palletized loads to flow forward.
  • – First In / First Out. Rack is loaded from one end and unloaded on the other.
  • – Allows high-density storage with minimal aisles

Push Back Rack

  • Loads “push-back” when loaded and slide forward when unloaded on telescoping / retractable carriers
  • High Density Storage
  • Last In / First Out Inventory

Drive-In Rack

  • – Last In / Last Out (LILO) Stock. Loaded and unloaded from the same end.
  • – Eliminates Need for More Aisle Space!
  • – Great for products that are not time/date sensitive or for fast-moving, frequently rotated pallets.


  • First In / First Out (FIFO) Stock
  • Separate load and unload points allow for greater flexibility
  • Great for date sensitive pallets

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