Cantilever Rack

New And Used Cantilever Racking: In-Stock And Ready For Delivery

Industry Mart carries both single-sided and double-sided cantilever rack in light-weight and heavy-weight capacities to meet your bulky and long-item storage requirements.

Cantilever rack is used by a wide array of industries because it’s a great storage solution when dealing with over-sized and bulky items.

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Cantilever rack systems are ideal for long or irregular shaped products. Applications include sheet metal, lumber, pipe, vinyl siding, and furniture storage. Cantilever systems can also be fitted with support beds to carry pallets or small items.

  • Capacity ranges available to handle most products
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty
  • Single and Double Sided Systems Available
  • Cantilever Rack Supported Buildings

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Used, New, And Specially Fabricated Cantilever Racking