Industrial Shelving

Truckloads of both new and used industrial shelving in-stock and ready for delivery.

Whatever type of shelving you need — whether it’s for your business, industrial storage use, or for your personal garage or barn — Industry Mart has it!

Choose from wire shelving, steel shelving, combination of steel and wood, or pre-packed shelving in a box ready to go at amazingly low prices.

Combination Wood & Steel

Steel Shelving

  • New and Used
  • Single units or bolted together for a “run” of shelving
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Steel
  • Bolt-Up or Clip-Up for easy installation and adjusting shelves
  • Closed or Open (with or without side and back panels)
  • Shelf size and heights vary
  • A standard 7’ high, 5-Shelf unit is available in the following:
  • Shelf depths- from 12”, 18”, 24”, to 30”
  • Shelf widths- 30”, 36”, to 48”

Combination Wood & Steel Shelving

  • New and Used
  • Popular for Automotive and Industrial Use
  • Quick Assembly, Low Price!
  • Heights from 4’ – 12’
  • Shelf Depths: 12”, 18”, 24”
  • Shelf Lengths: 36” and 48”

Wire Shelving

  • New, chrome plated
  • With or without casters
  • Shelf Depths: 14”, 18”, and 24”
  • Shelf Lengths: 30”, 36”, 48”, and more
  • Heights vary up to 75”
  • Single stand-alone units or multi-units using add-ons

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Pre-Packaged Shelving

Shelving that boxed up and ready to go
  • Quality Rivet Lock style shelving in a box
  • Amazingly Low Price!
  • Easy to Assemble

Bulk/Wide Span Rack – Rivet Lock

Check out our Bulk / Wide Span Rack and Rivet Lock Rack tab for more shelving options.

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