Beat the Heat & Improve Summer Productivity

That time of year when temperatures rise and worker productivity begins to decline can leave everyone all hot an bothered, figuratively speaking. Cool things off and set ahead of the curve lost production by investing into industry proven fans guaranteed to keep your workforce cool and productive this summer.

Choose from a variety of fan options: Industry Mart stocks and delivers barrel fans, contractor fans, pedestal fans, work station fans, and even exhaust fans.

You’ll find a range of sizes and brands to suit your cooling needs. View our variety of fans below then call us today for a complimentary quote. Have questions or need help deciding what you need for your work space? No worries. Email here or pick up the phone and call us today.

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Barrel Fans, Pedestal Fans, Wall-Mount Fans, & Exhaust Fans!

24″ General Purpose Exhaust Fans
20″ General Purpose Exhaust Fans
12″ Workstation Wall-Mount Fans
2100 CFM
12″ Workstation Wall-Mount Made in Tennessee!
Industrial Duty!
1650 CFM
30″ Pedestal Fans Non-Oscillating
8400 CFM
Adjustable up to 78"
30″ Pedestal Fans Oscillating
8400 CFM
Adjustable up to 78"
14″ Wall-Mount Fans Oscillating
2,600 CFM
20″ Oscillating Wall-Mount Fans
4,600 CFM
30″ Wall-Mount Fans Oscillating
7,500 CFM
30″ Oscillating Wall-Mount Fans Made in Tennessee!
Industrial Duty!
7,900 CFM
24″ Contractor Fans Made in Arkansas!
Tilts & Rolls!
42″ Barrel Fans Made in Arkansas!
13,000 CFM

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