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Warehouse & Industrial Equipment

We simply don’t have the space to list all the products we carry, but here are some of our more popular miscellaneous items.

However, just because you don’t see it here or anywhere else on our website, does not meet we don’t have it or can’t locate it for you. If we don’t have the item you want USED, we will give you our best possible new price or try to locate a used item for you through our national dealer network.

Call us today for your specific storage and industrial needs. Industry Mart, “Where Industry Shops.”

Dock Equipment

  • Dock Plates
  • Dock Seals
  • Dock Levelers
  • Dock Bumpers
Lift Equipment

Lift Equipment

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Table Lifts
  • Pallet Positioners
  • Different Sizes and Capacities available


  • Our inventory is constantly changing. We carry new toolboxes from various manufacturers and occasionally have used toolboxes from warehouse and factory closeouts.
Collapsible Plastic Containers

Collapsible Plastic Containers

  • Stackable, collapsible, and require little storage space when empty
  • Easy to clean (A favorite of the automotive industry)
  • Come with drop gates for easy access
Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

  • Stackable
  • Drop gates
  • Great for bulky or odd sized products
  • Collapsible baskets make for easy storage
  • Rigid baskets, are, well… rigid and strong
Plastic Bins

Plastic Bins

  • We are a distributor for a wide variety of new bins
  • Great for storing and organizing small parts
  • Multiple sizes and colors available
  • From small 4 1/2 “ x 4 1/8” x 3” bins to large 18” x 16 ½” x 11” bins
  • Stack, Shelf and Hang Bins
  • Nestable, Stackable and Cross Stackable all available
Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks​

  • New 5500 lb. capacity in stock
  • Contact us about used availability
rolling cart


New and used available

  • Steel two and three shelf
  • Structural foam
  • Wire shelf
  • Platform
  • Picking
  • Poly-Tilt
Dump Hoppers

Dump Hopper​

  • Self dumping
  • New and Used available
  • Various capacities
Anti-Fatigue Mat


  • We can provide a variety of anti-fatigue mat styles and shapes. Great for standing workers in factories and shops to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Call us today for your specific requirements.
Rolling Ladder

Rolling Ladders​​

  • Used and New Rolling Ladders
  • New Ladders: We stock new ladders in different brands, heights, and number of steps to meet your needs.
  • Safe, Sturdy and Ultra-Maneuverable
  • Used Ladders: We also stock used ladders.
  • Call for a great price and availability


  • Skatewheel
  • Gravity roller
  • Accordion
  • Belt and power driven, flat top, incline, as well as telescoping.
  • We have new and used conveyors.
  • Call for availability and assistance
Self Dump Hoppers
Self Dump Hoppers
  • New and used

Forkliftable work platforms
Lifts to perform elevated maintenance jobs
Folds for easy movement and storage

Office Mart platforms

Counter Cabinets and Bin Units

We stock or can order just about any industrial or shop product you need. Call us now with your requirements, and if we don’t have what you need we will order it for you or locate it through our national dealer network.

Office Mart counter cabinets and bin units
Office Mart counter cabinets and bin units
Office Mart counter cabinets and bin units


Great for tool cribs, secure areas, robot guarding, etc. Call us today for more info!

Office Mart mis equipment

EZ Wire

Office Mart mis equipment

Security Enclosure

Office Mart mis equipment

Wire Fencing

Office Mart wire enclosure

Wire Cage

Warehouse Equipment

Office Mart mis equipment

Dock Chock

Office Mart mis equipment

Strapping Kit

Office Mart mis equipment

Pallet Puller

Office Mart mis equipment

Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Office Mart mis equipment

Stretch Wrap