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How do I determine how deep the uprights must be?

The weight of the pallet should rest on the beams. Therefore, the upright depth should generally be 6” shorter than your pallet, giving you a 3” overhang front and back. (E.G., use a 42” deep rack for 48” deep pallets). 

How do I determine what beam length and beam capacity I need?

The beam length is determined by the width of your pallet loads plus a 4” clearance between loads and the upright posts. Beam capacities are based on beams supporting an evenly distributed load. Determine the weight of each pallet load and multiply times the number of loads per shelf level. For example, a pallet load weighs 2,000 lbs. there are two pallets per shelf. A beam capacity above 4,000 lbs. is

Does the rack have to be anchored to the floor?

Yes – if you are loading/unloading the rack with a forklift. 

How do I protect the upright posts from forklift hits?

We recommend upright post protectors (there are several sizes: 12”, 18”, and 24” high that can be either anchored into the floor or welded or bolted onto the post). In some cases, we also recommend guardrails and other safety accessories. See our rack accessories or call us for more options. 


Can my maintenance people install the rack? Do you have installers?

A capable maintenance crew can do the job for small jobs with just a few or single sections. However, large jobs with long rows of rack require experienced installers.  We have an insured, experienced installation crew on call. They are available in any size but are especially valuable for large jobs or with tall uprights.


What style rack do you stock?

We stock new and used roll-form teardrop pallet rack, the most popular style in the U.S. However, we also have a constantly changing stock of other styles of used rack, and we are a stocking dealer for several different styles of new rack including Structural, Keystone, Penco, and T-bolt.


What size rack does Industry Mart carry?

We have a wide selection of used and new pallet racking available, with new shipments coming in almost every week to meet your pallet racking needs.

How do I know if I need rack or shelving?

Generally, a pallet rack is designed for forklift-loaded pallets, and shelving is for lighter-weight handloading applications. However, we stock a wide variety of pallet rack and industrial shelving, and our experienced team can help you determine the best and most cost-efficient fit for your application.


Can I put my first beam level higher than 48”?

Yes! However, beam spacing directly affects upright capacity. The higher the first beam level (wider spacing), the lower the upright capacity.